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The P2P ACT Boot Camp Program

Discover our ACT Boot Camp Program to supplement students in need with the resources to prepare for their future.

This past weekend, Pathway to Progress held its first free, ACT Bootcamp Program in partnership with Tutor Doctor. In a two-day program, deserving students from three local high schools came together to prepare for the milestone in every high school student’s path: the ACT. These students were selected by their counselors who felt that they needed the resources to achieve their highest potential. 

The ACT standardized test determines student’s access to college admissions, scholarships, and several other opportunities. Preparation for it is rigorous. However, there is a large gap in standardized testing amongst low-income and high-income students that causes inequities in access to these opportunities. For example, private tutors are more accessible to higher-income students, which allows them to score higher than their peers. Many students do not have these resources to prepare them. Pathway to Progress has started this pilot program to help close these gaps in our local community and provide preparatory resources to students in need. 

Tutor Doctor was able to provide excellent, trained tutors who devoted 10 hours out of their weekend to preparing students on all four subjects tested on the ACT. Each student was also given a textbook and additional materials that will allow them to continue preparing outside of our boot camp. 

If a student is able to raise their ACT score by just a few points through our ACT Bootcamp, he or she will have further access to a scholarship or other resources that will allow them to pursue further education. 

This Boot Camp was made possible through your donations. For our future programs, you can donate here:

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