20 Jul: An Insight to the Gujarat Orphanage School

At Pathway to Progress, addressing the needs of global education is an important task for us. The gender and class disparities in education in developing countries is a vast issue that can only be addressed one step at a time. As a young organization, we cannot solve the problem overnight, but we would like to be a part of the progression.


23 Jun: Disparities in Standardized Testing

The SATs and ACTs are a stressful milestone for every high school student. The scores help determine scholarships, college acceptances, and access to so many more opportunities. However, the reality is that despite equal ability, higher income students have a significant advantage when it comes to standardized testing. Here are just a few of the factors that show how.


19 May: How COVID-19 Has Highlighted Inequities in Education

As we face the unpredictable times of COVID-19, I’d like to draw attention to the hardships it brings on for the education of students in low-income communities nationwide. With the abrupt transition to distance learning at home back in March, millions of students had to retrain themselves to adapt to new learning methods that are heavily dependent on technology.